About Coaching – Your Questions Answered

What is coaching?

Coaching is a positive and proven approach for helping people to explore their goals, ambitions and desires and to achieve them in a real and lasting way.  A coach works in partnership with you in a non-judgemental way to support the development of your skills and abilities, ensure commitment to action and helps you anticipate and deal with issues and challenges before they become major problems.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Working with a coach supports you to:

  • Set clearer and more achievable goals
  • Improve your commitment and motivation to take action
  • Deepen your learning, increase your performance and improve your overall quality of life
  • Increase your focus on your current situation and awareness of the choices available to you

Some of our previous clients have said:

"Coupled with enormous empathy, Tammy has always had an ability to understand what makes others “tick”, and to then encourage, empower and enable them. I encourage interested parties to meet her for a chat"

"My coaching with Tammy was valuable in helping me to reflect on my situation and goals. Her questioning and strategies helped me to move forward from a cross-roads and make a clear decision. Thank you Tammy!"

"Tammy is a calm and resourceful coach. Her help enabled me to analyse the situation objectively and think through different options. I trust Tammy is able to give useful and unvarnished advice to anyone to help one rise above sophisticated challenges"

"I have benefited from coaching from Tammy while having to make a life-changing decision. She helped me focus my efforts into specific areas and achieve what was best for me. I would definitely recommend Tammy to others who might benefit from coaching."

"Tammy is approachable, honest and professional. Her coaching skills have helped me focus my efforts into key areas following a life-changing decision. Thank you Tammy!"

What happens during coaching?

A coaching session will typically take place as a supportive confidential conversation (either face to face or by phone/Skype) between the coach and client.  It focuses on helping you to really understand your situation, find your own answers and achieve your career ambitions or business idea development in a way that works for you!  People are much more motivated to engage with solutions that they have devised themselves, rather than those that are forced upon them!  

What approaches do InnovaCoaching take?

At Innova Coaching we like to really understand our clients and build a strong relationship and rapport with them.  We work with our clients to identify and draw on their strengths to support achievement of their goals. Whatever your views, lifestyle or aspirations, the key to effective coaching is to support you in a non-judgmental way.  With our broad experience coaching personal and business clients over many years we realise that people’s needs are all very different.  We therefore adapt our coaching approach to each individual client rather than use generic tools and techniques.  This way coach and client work together with a high level of trust to encourage commitment to action to create lasting change, development and growth.  

We both need to feel comfortable working with each other so coach and client will always meet before starting the real coaching work.  Call to find out more about the complementary consultation session on 07719 690 967.

How long does coaching last?

Individual coaching sessions usually last around 1- 1.5 hours.  To ensure that the benefits of coaching are fully realised, we recommend a programme of coaching sessions, in order to see successful, long term change.  The nature of the programme will depend upon what your goals and objectives.  A short-term career or business goal may require 4 coaching sessions over a few months.  Achievement of a longer-term career or business goal may require monthly coaching sessions over the course of 6-12 months.  We'll continually review your progress against your goals and ongoing needs and check that the coaching relationship is still working for you throughout your programme.

We'd love to start supporting you to achieve your career ambitions and business needs. So call today on 07719 690 967 for a free and confidential consultation or email tammy.windsor@innovacoaching.co.uk

How much does it cost?

The Innova Coaching programmes are tailored to your individual objectives and requirements and we'll work closely with you to ensure that the coaching programme meets these needs.  Talk to us today to discuss your career and business needs and requirements.

Where do we meet?

Effective coaching must meet the needs of the client and so we will discuss the most appropriate meeting place at our initial complementary session.  We also have equally effective coaching sessions via Skype/phone. 

More questions? Just ask!  

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