2017: Your year in review

The end of year is approaching and what a great time to look at what has really made a difference in your work and home life in 2017.  I encourage all of my clients to review their year.  Many look forward to taking time out to assess their successes, learnings and consider how ready they […]

Remove the mask - focus on important

Regain Your Focus By Becoming the Real You!

Halloween is over for another year and although it’s nice to dress up in scary costumes and masks, reality is calling. The security of hiding behind a mask can be comforting but why do so many of us choose to leave our true selves hidden away? It’s a sure-fire way to lose focus on the important things […]

hidden talents

How to discover the hidden talents of your employees

I believe that everyone has the potential to be a superhero.  It’s just a matter of discovering your natural talents and abilities that currently lie hidden away. You’ve seen the superhero films, where the seemingly average person starts to realise their superpowers. Mastering these new-found powers is never an easy journey (remember Uncle Ben? 🙁 ).  It’s one that requires […]

Need a work holiday? – Banish the guilt!

Summer is here and that might mean you’re preparing for an eagerly anticipated holiday. The lead up to the holidays is never smooth sailing though, is it? Beneath the excitement, lurks a sense of guilt which silently adds an unnecessary pressure your holiday planning. The mere thought of leaving the office behind for a week or more, […]

Where is your value?

As a coach, it’s important to me that my clients leave our coaching sessions feeling like they’ve gained a high level of benefit and value.  One coaching session can be so different from the next and the exact source of where they draw value is completely unique. There’s no magic formula to ensure high value […]

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Why it’s great to talk to strangers!

“Don’t talk to strangers!”  “Stranger danger!” This is what we tell our children from a young age.  But at what point do we give our older selves permission to talk to ‘strangers’. The other week I was waiting in a supermarket queue with my son. I struck up a conversation with the lady in front […]

Turn off your mobile – Get space to think!

“I gave myself some great space to think today”. My coaching client happily realised that he’d completely ignored his mobile phone for our entire coaching session.  This felt like a real achievement for him, being in a job where he believed he should be constantly available and online.  I got the feeling that this was […]

Removing your blockers to career progression!

Progressing your career can be easier said than done. It requires commitment and clarity.  Keeping up with your workload, watching over your continued development and being fully prepared for promotion opportunities as they arise can take their toll.  It’s not impossible though! Here’s how one of my coaching clients took charge of her career and proactively managed […]

The 6 C’s of Finding the Right Coach

It’s a new year and a great time to start making positive changes to your organisation or your career. But if you’re finding it hard to successfully achieve the change you want, then bringing in a helping hand from someone independent might be just what you need. Partnering up with a coach will certainly kick start […]

How Christmas Can Get You Clearer Career Goals

Reaching your next career goal might be right at the top of your Christmas list this year.  So how do you plan to make your Christmas wish come true over the festive period? Completely switching off from all things work-related over Christmas won’t harm will it!?? Be warned….unless you’re expecting a Christmas miracle, you’re career goals […]