How to Fight the Curse of the Overthinker

A period of ‘overthinking’ quite often precedes my conversations with potential coaching clients.  It’s rarely been an impulsive decision.  Coaching is something many clients have been considering for some time but have reached the point where something must change. People often justify overthinking, as the time they need to assess their situation.  They want to […]

Career coaching during September

I started my coaching business after being made redundant from a large pharmaceutical company. I’ve spoken about this before (Coping with redundancy blog) but redundancy was really a big deal for me and it threatened to impact my life in a major way.  At times like that, I’m really not the sort of person who makes quick […]

5 Strategies to Take the ‘Negative’ Out of Feedback

Coaching sessions often throw out interesting patterns with different coachees facing the same challenges or expressing their experiences in a strikingly similar way.  Most recently, I’ve been hearing a number of my coaching clients reflecting on some feedback they’ve received at work.  What was interesting was that each person was fixated on what they considered […]

Five Lessons in REAL leadership

There’s an expectation that organisational leaders today must be adept at dealing with constant high pressure whilst having a strong capability to make sharp decisions. Their success in delivering to these expectations has potential implications for the future success of their business.  It’s clear that more traditional styles of leadership, which dominated businesses of 15 […]

Better leadership by doing less

Better Leadership By Doing Less

Too much work and too little time!  It’s a problem shared by many of us at some point in our working lives.  There will always be those who regularly profess their busyness, as a means of proving their own importance (see my previous blog on workload boasting).  However, for many people in leadership positions it’s an […]

Career opportunities following redundancy

Why Redundancy Shouldn’t Spell the End of Your Career

Career change couldn’t have been further from my mind that surreal day back in early 2014, when the large corporate I was working for announced redundancy on a huge scale, pretty much wiping out much of the workforce. If I’m honest, I was annoyed.  No.…. I was absolutely furious and completely petrified about what the […]

Workload Boasting – Exposed!

High workload is one of the most common complaints within organisations today and worryingly the largest cause of stress, depression or anxiety in the workplace.  But workload complaining is one of the things that I really don’t miss about working in an office environment.  Persistent proclamations of “I’m so busy”, “I have so much work to do”, […]

Back to the Future

Back to the Future – What the Movie Got Right

21st October 2015 – It’s Back to the Future day! Whilst I loved the film at the time, today I feel a little bit cheated that we don’t have hover-boards and flying cars. Sadly, very little of what the movie portrayed as “2015 life” has come true. But is the idea of imagining your future and […]