Career opportunities following redundancy

Why Redundancy Shouldn’t Spell the End of Your Career

Career change couldn’t have been further from my mind that surreal day back in early 2014, when the large corporate I was working for announced redundancy on a huge scale, pretty much wiping out much of the workforce. If I’m honest, I was annoyed.  No.…. I was absolutely furious and completely petrified about what the […]

Back to the Future

Back to the Future – What the Movie Got Right

21st October 2015 – It’s Back to the Future day! Whilst I loved the film at the time, today I feel a little bit cheated that we don’t have hover-boards and flying cars. Sadly, very little of what the movie portrayed as “2015 life” has come true. But is the idea of imagining your future and […]

Job Promotion: Why You’re Not Young Enough to Know Everything

“I’m not young enough to know everything” This intriguing quote from Peter Pan author, J.M Barrie is one worth considering by recently promoted leaders and managers.  They commonly feel a huge pressure to immediately demonstrate full knowledge of their new role and everything it entails, in order prove their worth. When you’ve been selected for […]


4 Steps to Make the Most of Your Career Change Paralysis

“What’s worst that could happen!?” I asked my 6 year old son in an attempt to convince him to ride the ridiculously large rollercoaster whilst on holiday this summer.  Thinking back, this probably wasn’t my finest persuasion tactic. Fortunately, he didn’t have time to think through all of the worst case scenarios and we enjoyed […]

Business Growth

Developing Your Organization – Where to start?

“We need to develop our organisation!” What does it really mean when we talk about developing an organisation and where do we start? Having a strong desire for growth and development is certainly a positive starting point.  But things begin to get more challenging when you need to decide exactly how to go about it. […]

Work-life balance

A simple starting point to regaining work-life balance.

Just how often do we really examine our work-life balance?  We all have conversations at work and at home where we ponder over questions like: “Am I spending too much time at work?” “Do I need to work harder to get the career I really want?” “When can I make time for my family when work is […]