Removing your blockers to career progression!

Progressing your career can be easier said than done. It requires commitment and clarity.  Keeping up with your workload, watching over your continued development and being fully prepared for promotion opportunities as they arise can take their toll.  It’s not impossible though!

Here’s how one of my coaching clients took charge of her career and proactively managed its progression over time.

Claire was a highly competent employee, with strong ambitions to progress her career fast!  She was fortunate that her talents were recognised by her company who targeted her for leadership coaching as part of a talent management scheme. But here was the challenge….

Claire had her sights set firmly on getting that leadership role within the next 12 months.  However, her recent spate of job interviews had proved unsuccessful and these set backs were severely knocking Claire’s confidence.

Doubts were setting in and Claire was now questioning just how realistic and achievable her career goals were.  Would she be better settling for less? Or potentially leaving the company to explore other opportunities?  The latter was not something that Claire or her boss really wanted!

At the start of our coaching, Claire painted a clear and passionate picture of her desired future career.  However, her reluctance to talk through her perceived ‘failures’ at job interview was obvious.  She conveyed disappointment and embarrassment at not yet reaching the next rung on her career ladder.

Although the ambition and vision were clearly there, Claire felt unprepared to deal with the inevitable setbacks she would face along the way.  This significant blocker became a strong focus of our coaching sessions.

Gradually, Claire began to feel more and more at ease at talking through those times when success had not always come easily.  As she shared her past interview experiences she was able to explore her approach and consider how adapting it, might support a more positive outcome.  Claire identified her tendency to rapidly jump from one new job opportunity to the next.  In this ‘activist’ learning style, Claire was denying herself the opportunity to fully reflect and learn from each experience.

Interestingly, the most notable progress came when Claire consciously took time to reflect on her successes too.

What went well?

What was her direct contribution to this?

How will she continue to apply this day to day?

She stopped simply accepting her successes as ‘the norm’ and made time to celebrate her accomplishments before immersing herself in the next activity.  With this insight, Claire decided to expand upon these positive experiences and continue to build the skills she needed for a leadership role.  She discovered that many opportunities for growth lay outside of her current job role and these allowed her to contribute to the wider organisation.

Claire’s self-confidence grew.  She became more selective in her job applications, each time ensuring the role was aligned to her career ambitions.  This focussed her application to only apply for roles specifically aligned to her longer-term goals and allowed her to fully prepare for key interviews.

Needless to say, that by the conclusion of our coaching, Claire had secured herself a promoted role in the company, leading a team of employees and thriving in the role.


If you’re looking for ways to more effectively progress your career or to develop the talent pool within your organisation, then coaching is a proven way to support this transition.  I’d be delighted to talk through appropriate coaching programmes tailored to your precise needs.


Tammy Windsor

Tammy is a professional coach, trained at post-graduate level and also holds Ph.D in Pharmacology. She spent 14 years in the pharmaceutical industry leading global clinical teams as well as supporting strategic and culture change across these organisations.

Tammy founded InnovaCoaching after seeing the significant and positive impact of change on individuals and organisations which coaching and mentoring provides,.

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