Turn off your mobile – Get space to think!

“I gave myself some great space to think today”.

My coaching client happily realised that he’d completely ignored his mobile phone for our entire coaching session.  This felt like a real achievement for him, being in a job where he believed he should be constantly available and online.  I got the feeling that this was the first opportunity he’d had in a long time to create some space to think without the usual distractions.  The impact was powerful.

How often do we choose to ignore our devices to create some space to think?

With the new and stricter rules on mobile phone use for drivers, ignoring our devices is something that’s increasingly enforced upon us.  Surely this can only be a positive thing?  Obviously, it means safer driving but it also gives us a great opportunity to grab some thinking space.

The constant distraction of mobile phones is overwhelming and irritating.  We’ve stopped protecting the precious time we have to be completely alone with our thoughts, letting our brains do what they do best – Get creative!

We’re addicted to our devices, which is strange since the enjoyment they provide is entirely superficial.  They scratch the surface of what we really need but never quite get deep enough to completely fulfil us.  So how do we curb this addiction?  It’s simply a case of breaking bad habits and finding new and more rewarding ones.  This is where creating your personal thinking space comes in.

A friend of mine once told me that he has his best ideas in the bath.  Why?  Because that’s the one place where he’s able to completely switch off from what he’s ‘doing’.  He allows his brain the luxury of getting back up to speed with his thoughts and ideas.  I tend to get my own ‘light bulb moments’ when I’m just about to drop off to sleep.  This can be quite frustrating but it’s also very telling that this quiet time often provides me with such clear insight.

You don’t need to create a formal agenda for thinking.  Be flexible and relaxed about it.  It’s just a case of picking a topic that’s important to you.  Maybe ask yourself “What’s my biggest obstacle right now?”  The only rules are to remove yourself from all distractions (phones, laptops, colleagues, kids!) and block out a set amount of time to focus completely on your goal. Stick to your allocated time and don’t be tempted to slip into overthinking.  Your time must serve the purpose at hand.

So sit back, close your eyes and relax.  Notice what occurs for you….

It’s life’s most successful people who choose to create the time and space to think.  Thinking space allows them to get a good feel for their priorities and what they need to be focussing on.  The steps they choose to take are clear and precise and their choice of actions brings success.

So grab your diary and schedule in your thinking time today.  Do it in your office, the living room or even the bath – but just do it!

If you’re struggling to protect your thinking time, then coaching might be the answer.  Contact me for a confidential coaching conversation today.

Tammy Windsor

Tammy is a professional coach, trained at post-graduate level and also holds Ph.D in Pharmacology. She spent 14 years in the pharmaceutical industry leading global clinical teams as well as supporting strategic and culture change across these organisations.

Tammy founded InnovaCoaching after seeing the significant and positive impact of change on individuals and organisations which coaching and mentoring provides,.

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