2017: Your year in review

The end of year is approaching and what a great time to look at what has really made a difference in your work and home life in 2017.  I encourage all of my clients to review their year.  Many look forward to taking time out to assess their successes, learnings and consider how ready they feel for the excitement and challenges that 2018 might bring.

So take yourself off to a quiet corner with some paper and a pen (and maybe an eggnog?) and see how you might answer these 4 questions:

1) What obstacles have you overcome and what have you accomplished?

From January onwards, think about:

  • What you did
  • What results you feel proud of
  • What you overcame
  • What real results you achieved in your life (home, work, personal etc)

2) What did you learn and how have you changed?

Again, start in January and work your way forwards.

Although the year may have gone fast for you, don’t assume that you haven’t changed.  The big lessons and major changes are most obvious but don’t forget the smaller tweaks you’ve made in your life, as a result of the smaller lessons you’ve learnt over the year.  Every experience is relevant and has made you who you are today.

3) How satisfied are you?

After reflecting on your accomplishments and learnings, consider how satisfied you are by asking yourself these questions:

  • How has my year really gone?
  • How do I feel about it?  
  • How would I rate myself/my year?

Now rate your overall satisfaction on a scale of 1-10 (1 being ‘completely dissatisfied’ and 10 ‘ completely satisfied’).  How do you score?

4) What’s missing, and what’s next?

This is where you start to plan for 2018 by asking yourself these questions:

  • What would you have liked to have seen on your list of accomplishments?
  • What would you have liked to have spent more time doing this year?
  • What big goals would you like to achieve next year?

Now imagine that you are at the end of 2018:

  • What do you want to have accomplished? 
  • What would it take to bring you to 9 or 10 scale of satisfaction?


Finally, consider this question:

What first small steps will you take in January 2018, to kick off a great year for you?

Tammy Windsor

Tammy is a professional coach, trained at post-graduate level and also holds Ph.D in Pharmacology. She spent 14 years in the pharmaceutical industry leading global clinical teams as well as supporting strategic and culture change across these organisations.

Tammy founded InnovaCoaching after seeing the significant and positive impact of change on individuals and organisations which coaching and mentoring provides,.

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