Career Change Coaching

How would it feel to achieve your ultimate career ambitions and to finally get real satisfaction from your work ?  If you feel it's time for a career change, we help you make your own confident decisions and make a positive move in the direction that's right for you!  Our personal coaching programmes support you to create a career that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning!

Developing Your Business Idea

Starting a business and developing your ideas takes time and commitment. You may be in the situation where you feel you have just too much on your plate. Our blend of coaching and mentoring reduces the stress and allows you to develop robust new business ideas and get your business idea well and truly off the ground.

Career change success

Looking for a change in career direction, facing redundancy or job relocation? These highly focussed sessions provide a sounding board and an independent viewpoint to support clearer thinking. Our supportive approach allows you to consider all of your available options to support confident career decisions aligned to your strengths, values and lifestyle.

Progressing Your Career

The workplace is competitive and you can be achieving much more! Our programme builds motivation and commitment to achieving your career ambitions. Each session will challenge and stretch you to enable a more rapid climb up your chosen career ladder. Confidence is key!