Executive coaching

Innova Coaching supports high potential leadership.  We specifically work with your senior leaders and managersnext generation leaders and leadership talent to enable these key employees to gain new perspectives, take more innovative approaches and create greater business impact over a shorter period of time.  This ensures that your business and your people are performing to their highest possible potential.  

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Coaching programmes we offer:

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching provides ambitious leaders with a confidential space to plan future professional and business goals from a fresh perspective. Focused support and constructive challenge offers leaders the opportunity to more effectively tackle organisational challenges, continuously grow professionally and contribute to a greater business impact.

Leading through Change

For your organisation to stay competitive, your people must innovate and be adaptable to change. We work with your leaders and managers through periods of change and support them to develop resilience and stronger leadership required to inspire positive change throughout the workforce.

Team Performance

Do your teams have great potential but lack the group effectiveness and vision to really shift their performance ? Support your teams to improve their communication, develop an increased level of trust and understand their shared goals in order to deliver high performance.

Growing New Leaders and Talent

Retain and develop your next generation of leaders by empowering them to build their resourcefulness, gain independence and be ready for the jump to effective leadership. Our one to one leadership coaching is for businesses who care about their continued employee development and it's vital contribution to business success.