“As a coach Tammy offers a combination of pharma business coaching with in-depth psychological knowledge. She offers practical, to-the-point suggestions, while at the same time triggering broader introspection for the coachee. A coaching session with Tammy allowed me to critically examine my own views and to develop fresh perspectives. Highly recommended.” Senior Scientific Director, AstraZeneca.

“I strongly recommend Tammy as a coach. Tammy was excellent in supporting me in prioritising future activities during a number of coaching sessions at AstraZeneca. This enabled me to think through what were the key activities I should drive forward and which ones I could park saving me significant time. Tammy was great at exploring the different options, supporting me in identifying the best way forward and getting my commitment to follow through on these actions. Tammy was extremely committed to building a coaching culture within AstraZeneca and supported many people including myself within the organisation. If you would like to utilise coaching to support your business or personal life, I can thoroughly recommend Tammy to you.”  Chief Scientist, AstraZeneca

“Tammy really shines as a coach and makes a genuine positive difference to those who she works with. Her sector experience and professional skill-set makes for an invaluable coach, mentor and leader.”  Mentoring Development Executive, Manchester Business Growth Hub

“It all starts with with a first step….and working with Tammy gave me the confidence to take that first step to make a change. I had arrived at a career crossroad and felt stuck and unsure which way to go. Working with Tammy who provided 1:1 coaching, supported me in making a significant career change decision. Participating in coaching gave me the confidence and a clear plan of action, which without I would not have moved ahead in the timeframe needed.”  Property Development Executive

“I started my coaching sessions earlier in the year, and on the very first one I was really down in the dumps, I felt really lost with where I was taking my career and I was frightened about failing (or starving), if I explored some of the ideas I had. She’s given me guidance and the confidence to make exploring these ideas a reality, and once in practice, a helping hand not to regularly freak out about not being traditionally employed. It might seem like a luxury to spend money on something like this, but it’s honestly been a bit of a life changer for me, and I could happily spend that money in a weekend, getting away from the fact I wasn’t happy in the week. It won’t come without some hard work on your part. Some soul searching and some sacrifices. In the time since meeting her, I’ve paid off all my debts, sold my car and bought my beloved clapped out van in it’s place. No summer holiday abroad etc. but you know what, I’ve not missed it – because I feel excited (though still slightly nervous) about having some time to give these things a go and see what happens.”  Media Consultant and Freelance Writer

“It is wonderful to hear that Tammy is now in a position to apply her mentoring skills to a wide client base. Coupled with enormous empathy, she has always had an ability to understand what makes others “tick”, and to then encourage, empower and enable them. I look forward to seeing her coaching business develop and encourage interested parties to meet her for a chat – I guarantee you will learn something about yourself!”  Global Pharmaceutical Consultant 

“Great pragmatic coach who holds you accountable for deliverables you agreed. Understands how corporate organisations work and the challenges you face.” CEO, Statistical Consultancy

“I met a difficult challenge at work, and I was very fortunate to have consulted Tammy on how to best approach and resolve the matter that felt thorny at the time. Tammy is a calm and resourceful coach. Her help enabled me to analyse the situation objectively and think through different options. I trust Tammy is able to give useful and unvarnished advice to anyone to help one rise above sophisticated challenges, and such wisdom is indeed a rare quality to find.” MD, Statistical Consultancy

“Tammy has a professional, yet open and relaxed, approach which encourages reflection and honest participation. After our session I know I can continue to focus on the aspects of work I enjoy, rather than striving to fulfil those that don’t fit well for me.” Medical Scientist, AstraZeneca

“I find Tammy very supportive and she has been invaluable in changing my thought patterns and approaches to working in a very small biotech business that is rapidly expanding (which is a process that generally has its associated tensions and communication problems). Tammy has a very calm and reflective approach; in our sessions she enables me to present any problems, and facilitates my developing a strategy around those issues and define outcomes in a neutral and independent manner. This approach ultimately leads to me making my own decisions, but from a better viewpoint. Hopefully, with further guidance from Tammy, I can continue to strengthen my position within the company and carve a more defined role there for both myself and any predecessors.”  Deborah Grainger, Freelance Science Writer

“My own project is one that’s taking a long time to develop and I’m finding that frustrating and dispiriting, but after my latest session with Tammy at Innova Coaching, I am motivated, enthused and positive again. The power of having someone to listen to your view and give you a new perspective can’t be underestimated. Whilst at the same time gently challenging some ideas and preconceptions. I have a plan and I’m feel like I’m back on track. Regular coaching is really powerful and I’m understanding why.” Independent marketing Consultant

I’m self-employed and work alone, and although I totally love my work (making organic skincare) I found earlier this year I had just run out of steam, particularly relating to a new project I wanted to start, but lacked motivation. I booked a session with Tammy and within an hour of her leaving, I had written out a plan of action to start my project. Four weeks on, I’m more than half-way through it and feeling so much better about not just this project, but other new work ideas too. Tammy has the most amazing way of gently extracting information from you to get to the core of what’s going on. She immediately focused on what my motivation was to start my business in the first place, and re-introduced me to the idea of what makes me tick now. It sounds very clichéd but it was like the clouds slowly cleared and I could see the wood for the trees! I highly recommend Tammy if you are looking for a push in the right direction, whatever your line of work. An hour spent with her has meant all the hours since have been amazingly productive. You really owe it to yourself to book in with her.”  MD, LJ Natural Solutions 

“Faced with redundancy, my thoughts were all over the place! I was unable to focus and lost my direction. Tammy helped calm me down and took me from a position of fear to one of opportunity. She helped me structure my thoughts, prioritise and plan out my next steps. She helped me to identify what I really wanted and not what I felt I should be doing. Panicked by colleagues also faced with redundancy going for interviews and getting jobs, I was swept away in the belief that that’s what I should be doing. Something didn’t feel right and Tammy helped me realise that I needed a break before I could move on and that there would be jobs out there when I was ready for them. Once I had made the decision to take some time off before looking for a job I instantly relaxed. I had a fantastic few months off and then went on to get a new job in which I am very happy.”  Clinical Study Leader, Clinical Research Organisation

“Tammy is approachable, honest and professional. Her coaching skills have helped me focus my efforts into key areas following a life-changing decision. Thank you Tammy!”  Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca

“My coaching session with Tammy was valuable in helping me to reflect on my situation and goals. Her questioning and strategies helped me to move forward from a cross-roads and make a clear decision. Thank you Tammy!”  Primary School Teacher, Cheshire

“Tammy has excellent coaching skills and displays enhanced listening and questioning skills. I have personally benefitted from coaching from Tammy and have also seen many colleagues benefit. Tammy’s cheerful and positive attitude is a real asset in this area.”  Group Manager, AstraZeneca

“Tammy has been an excellent coach for me. She has great interpersonal skills and creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, which I feel has really facilitated our sessions. I particularly admire her commitment and drive in supporting my goals. Our sessions have been incredibly enjoyable, productive and valuable.”  Head of Department, Haematogenix Laboratory Services

“Tammy is a great coach. She takes the time to understand what I wanted to achieve. She challenges my thinking through considered direct questions to help me get to what was right for me and the best way to get it. I find her coaching incredibly valuable and constructive and it helps motivate me to move towards my goal.”  Clinical Program Leader, Parexel International

“Tammy has supported two members of my family through decision making processes that have enabled them to explore the options and make confident independent choices on their future direction.” Freelance Healthcare Professional